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CAR Inspections 

Vintage/Classic  Car Inspection   

Most Vintage cars need more attention before purchasing . I have developed a vintage inspection program to address all your concerns and evaluate the car for damages , repairs and overall condition .

Inspection  Checklist 

+   mechanical Inspections of the Engine and Transmission 

+   Driveline

+   Steering, Suspension, Brakes and Gauges    

+   Checking for previous damages and repairs   

+   Bondo and Rust on Body and undercarriage  

+   compare Engine and VIN Number 

+   check for aftermarket parts   

+   Exhaust system 

+   condition of Body and Paint 

+   check Title 


 We will drive directly to the vehicle location to perform the inspection . 

 Pictures will be taken in detail and sent to you including a video to make sure the  classic  car is street legal and safe. I will adress any additional areas of concerns that you identify .

 Inspection Rate  from $269 depending on the location of the vehicle 

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